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One way to become a fluent speaker in English is to go abroad and live in a country where people speak English. Isn't that true? But, do you have time to go abroad just to make yourself to speak English?

You may have enough time and budget to do it, but, think about your time, whatever the budget is, your time values much more than that. Now, you can achieve the same goal by listening movies.

That is exactly what is inside this course. Get inside and see what it's like.

Yusuf Katı


Improve English by Harry Potter Movies – 1a

Make a practical quick start for understanding the street talk using a real life movie.

Instructor : Yusuf KATI ₺799,99

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Improve English by Movies

Improve your English listening and speaking experience by watching and listening movies.

Instructor : Yusuf KATI ₺1.999,99

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Improve English by Harry Potter Movies – 1b

Listen movies and better understand spoken English in real life.

Instructor : Yusuf KATI ₺799,99

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